About Total-TECH Co.

We are Total-TECH Co. a purely specialized IT Man-power provider company with a reputable profile of dealing with most of the IT Vendors, IT Training providers, IT System Integrators, IT Software houses, Etc. We are known for our strategic partners with highly talented IT Gurus according to each project’s technical culture.

With very aggressive selection criteria, and among a huge pool of highly qualified IT resources, we can find, nominate, devote to you very well-selected IT consultants who can fit & match with your previous requirements.

Like no other Company, Total-TECH Co. has a very powerful advantage of being the ONLY specialized IT Man-Power Company in the market region with an expert team of IT recruiters whom are totally eligible to carefully understand the customer’s requirements.

Our Business journey in the IT market started in 2011, since that time we’ve been committed to provide the highest acceptance rate to our partners and facilitate to our partners the requirements fully. In addition to customizing a lot of business cooperation approaches to match with whoever customer and whatever its business requirement within the field of IT resourcing, that gave us the power to lead and dominate the IT Man-Power market.

Vision, Mission & Strategy

Total-TECH Co. Vision:

To empower our partners reaching out the highest technical acceptance criteria in the shortest time with a very touchable cost-reduction output by nominating the most appropriate technical calibers.

Total-TECH Co. Mission:

To deliver tangible value to our client, Technical Value, Shorter Time Value, Cost- reduction value, selection variety value, Multi & Bilingual Value, Resources Geographical diversity value, Market experience value, Etc.

Total-TECH Co. Strategy:

Our Business philosophy is to have a professional resource selection criteria which will enable us to reach the highly matured qualified resources with reputable success stories, will insure the best practices for required deliverability.