Sr. Cloud Administrator

Total-TECH Co.

             ” The Job Description”

  •  Adding exceptions for any application in Symantec agent as needed.
  •  Troubleshooting with IsDB/IMDT for any issues relating to switches, such as network disconnect and port failure.
  •  Request from the IsDB/IMDT for assigning ports to specific VLANs, such as ports assigned to Digital Signage and ports in specific the meeting rooms.
  •  Request VLAN creation for any new IT hardware, such as Digital Signage client PCs.
  •  Coordinate with IDB technicians for troubleshooting and repair of network points, stretching new cables, open and close network ports, etc.
  •  Assemble special network cables, connecting the cable of specific length to the RJ45 jack.
  • Coordinate with IsDB/IMDT the procurement, installation, and configuration of new switches.
  • Create, suspend, and reactivate user accounts, including Guest accounts.
  • Monitor all network devices and troubleshoot any reported issues.
  •  Escalate to Meraki support team for any reported issues via online chat, e- mail or phone, and schedule with them downtime.
  •  Update firmware for Meraki devices, switch, firewall, access points, etc.
  •  Reboot network devices and ensure all services properly running after reboot.
  •  Ports Management on the switch, such as open/close port.
  •  Backup Router configuration.
  •  Configure PBX module for adding/modifying phone extensions.
  •  Setup ‘Allow’ and ‘Deny’ rules on Firewall.
  •  Configure port forwarding on any device through MAC address or IP.
  •  Simple ‘Access Point’ administration, such SSID renaming and modifying security settings.
  •  Management of Fortinet on client machines.
  •  Manual upgrade of Fortinet Client, if requested by IsDB/IMDT security team.
  •  Modify the settings of Fortinet client, if requested by IsDB/IMDT security team.
  •  Troubleshoot Fortinet client connectivity issues, and coordinate with IsDB/IMDT security team for any required support and fixes.
  •  Install required software and applications for individual staff VDI client
  •  Monitor VDI RAM, CPU & storage utilization, and request any VDI setup modification.
  •  Manage VDI client access, resources and running services through VDI admin web portal.
  •  Install and maintain resources in cloud.
  •  Monitor and maintain network in cloud environment.
  • Coordinate with vendors to implement solutions.
  • Manage systems, storage, disks, and network.
  • Monitor logs and resource utilization for cost control.
  • Assist in capacity planning for various ongoing and future projects.
  • Provides expertise in the design, development, testing, implementation, and integration of Identity and Access Management (1AM) systems and solutions, both on-prem and cloud based.
  • Provide support of on-premises and cloud-based equipment and configuration including but not limited to Domain Controllers, ADFS, SAML, OAuth, Azure Active Directory, and 0365.
  • Work with the team on integration efforts between Azure/Active Directory and keys systems.

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